Vijfdaagse nascholing

Engelstalige nascholing uit het post graduate programma van Tasso International.

Dates: FEBRUARY 6-10, 2023
Venue: Tasso Instituut, Muurhuizen 104, Amersfoort – Netherlands
Price: € 925,- for 5 days.

Je kunt je ook voor één of enkele dagen inschrijven. De kosten zijn dan € 185,- per dag.

Day 1: How to expand awareness through regression therapy – Marion Boon

Feb 6, 2023. 

Working with phenomenon of expanded awareness, in regression therapy

How to proceed when reaching fields of expanded awareness in the trance of regression. 

Once in diffusing or confusing layers and levels of externalized consciousness, a session can become difficult to guide, because clients may lose focus.

Apart from the elliptical consciousness and expanded awareness such as the Higher Self, we can find a variety of diffusing or encapsulating fields.
How to liberate the soul from such interwoven existences? and why?  

What can you do? What kind of fields of consciousness do we find?
How can we best help our client to discern and retrieve their authentic energies?
We will address the phenomenon of

– soul retrieval – locating and retrieving of lost individual energies.
– soul extraction – locating and tracing diffuse, lost, hijacked or encapsulated energy.  

A variety of techniques and examples of energy fields will be discussed.
There are fields of souls and soul fragments of a former tribe, a group of warriors or soldiers – all are connected by the same culture, promises, vows or intentions.
There can be a field of souls of a secret mission group, ‘initiated’ or trained shamans, or other trance-aware souls. There can be a strong fixation in trance-traps. Sometimes we find a cloud like field in which old programs and even images of present people can reside from previous engagements as a tantric or magician.
In all cases: we will focus on cleansing and respectfully healing ourselves, our clients, and other lost souls in the stuck-in-time field of energy.   

This seminar addresses externalized mind power, in focus or in diffuse existence. It is mentally liberating when such energies can settle in again. Preferably for advanced colleagues. 

Day 2: Reliving successful initiation experiences; completing failed initiation experiences – Hans TenDam

Feb. 7, 2023

Initiations are intense experiences that have spiritual aspects and thus resonate easily through death and rebirth. When such an experience failed, or was interrupted, it can have serious consequences in the present life, as in self-confidence, identity, and vitality. Dark initiations can give complications and may lead to fascination with dark things in general. Successful initiations can be activated by reliving and speed up positive developments in the present life.

As this is a new subject, the program will be somewhat experimental.

Day 3: Resolving identity problems with verbal exploration – Hans TenDam

Feb. 8, 2023

A broad and consistent use of simple incomplete sentences like “I am” … and “I am not” … can lead to unexpected discoveries and even enlarge and redefine our identity. Participants will exercise with each other. They will take home the results – and whatever unexplored material remains.

Day 4: Four ways to integrate advanced body work in regression therapy – Janine Booij

Feb. 9, 2023

The body carries memories of our past experiences. Unprocessed experiences from both present and past lives can lead to bodily complaints.  

Bodywork can be used as an induction method in regression therapy, as a way to deepen the experience (get the client more in association) or as a way to help the client release the residues of traumas from the body.  

Students will get an impression of several ways of working with the body and will get some time to experience it.  

  • Induction by touch 
  • Induction by posture / movement  
  • Deepening experiences with bodywork 
  • Releasing through bodywork 

Day 5: The three steps in transformation: integrating insights from modern psychotraumatology – Maarten Wiegmans

Feb. 10, 2023

Multidimensional traumatology and splits in the soul

Splits in our soul or personality can be wonderfully met by regression therapy. But how can we more pecisely fit our regression way of working with modern psychotraumatological insights? The field has moved forward in the last ten years.

Although biological psychiatry is still strong, modern insights from Bowlby, Van der Kolk, Ruppert, Fogel, Damasio e.a. move toward insights on traumatical dissociation, that moves into the direction of regression therapy. You will be brought though a number of important traumatological insights, like:

The anatomy of survival, traumatic memory, PTSD, existential trauma, trauma of loss, attachment trauma and attachment system trauma; splits in the human psyche by which the intolerable feelings are suppressed in a range of survival strategies, some of which are very difficult to find.  Working with severerly dissociated personalty parts and the consequences of those through the generations.

We will also explore charges in puppet constellations as a method to follow the basic 3 steps of each important trauma therapy, each one of them presupposing the former:

1) Let be what there is;
2) Take a step out of it from a safe perspective;
3) Get into it again and transform it.  The change of the internal map body and mind will be on it’s way.


Hans ten Dam
Hans ten Dam​
Marion Boon
Janine Booij
Janine Booij
Maarten Wiegmans
Maarten Wiegmans


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